Join Malak Marketplace’s top clean eating stallholders, Needle in a Haystack, Paleo in the Tropics and The Buda Bar for an exclusive Clean Eating Cooking Class experience that will educate, encourage and empower you to pursue a healthy and clean eating lifestyle.

A change of lifestyle as it relates to food usually raises lots of questions for people. Some of the common ones are:
– How do I know what’s in supermarket foods?
– How do I transition my family to a clean eating diet?
– Where do I buy wholefoods and organic produce in Darwin?

In our workshop we will cover these questions so that you can set yourself up for success. Our aim is to educate, encourage and empower you as you pursue a healthy, clean eating lifestyle, cooking from scratch and using the best local and organic ingredients.

There will be some great recipes, delicious food showcasing the best local organic ingredients, and lots of tips and tricks on how to eat clean and how to make clean eating easy, enjoyable and affordable.
We focus on food that is:
– Gluten free
– No refined sugar
– No artificial sweeteners
– No dairy
– No additives

The workshop will be one and a half hours and is limited to a small number of attendees so that you can get the maximum benefit. Bookings will be essential and are on a first-come-first-in basis.
Happy, healthy clean cooking!

Malak Marketplace
Winner of Community Event of the Year 2017!
In its first year of operation the Malak Marketplace has made a significant difference to the community.  More than just a night market, the Malak Marketplace activates a space and a community which has not always been recognised for its positive aspects. 
The Malak Marketplace is unique in a city of markets as it has a strong emphasis on organic products and environmental sustainability. It draws on the surrounding cosmopolitan community to present a truly multicultural event. 
The Malak Marketplace has established a reputation as a safe, sustainable, community event in the suburbs.

Needle in a Haystack
When Martin and Kelly moved from the UK in April 2016, Needle in A Haystack was founded. Passionate about showcasing local and organic produce in a modern style, our menus draw inspiration from around the globe.
Seasonality is at the heart of what they do, and rather than simply designing a menu and then sourcing produce, they will look at what local farms are growing and design a menu around that. They do this for the simple reason, because food tastes better when it is fresh and naturally grown.
Constantly looking for new inspiration, Martin and Kelly love to travel the world in search of new ingredients, flavour combinations and cooking methods and are thoroughly looking forward to meeting fellow foodies.

Paleo in the Tropics
Founded by Malak Marketplace’s co-founder Lina Paselli, Paleo in the Tropics is all about clean eating using organic, local produce and offering wellness and lifestyle tips for people living Paleo in the tropics.
Since quitting sugar more than 3 years ago at the age of 40, Lina started seeing outstanding results in her energy levels, repairing her eyesight and blitzing any signs of anxiety or depression as she moved towards a cleaner diet and lifestyle, predominately Paleo.
Last year she embraced a much deeper connection with her soul and everything connected to nature, becoming a Soulpreneur. Lina believes food is medicine and is an ambassador of getting everyone back into the kitchen, cooking from scratch and embracing organic, fresh, local produce.

The Buda Bar
Rick and Amanda are big lovers of food – particularly eating food, making food, learning about food and sharing food.  After becoming more ‘connected’ with food – understanding where it comes from, the effect it has on the planet and our fellow animals and the power of plants – they decided to create The Buda Bar.
They are especially interested in the environmental and physical benefits of the nutritionally dense plant kingdom and the endless flavours to explore.
Both Rick and Amanda recently completed a Raw Food Certification and are extremely excited to share their knowledge and experience, while also engaging with others to continually explore the wonders of food.